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Bourcet Music Studio Registration
Please fill out and send the completed Student Registration and Policy Form to us at the address below. If there is a preference for location and/or teacher, we will try to accommodate the request. Spaces, however, are limited.

New students please also enclose a $10 registration fee.

Bourcet Music Studio
7711 Pearl Place
Prince George, BC. V2K 3V6

"I am appreciative of the talents of Therese and Rita. Working with them in liturgical settings, their expertise allows them to be very flexible, and they repertoire allows them to make valuable contributions. Special mention has to go to their accompaniment in funerals where music plays an important part in helping people experience comfort. The instrumental and vocal accomplishments of Therese and Rita allow them to both entertain and to teach, and I have benefited from both. "
~ Fr.Pier Pandolfo, Catholic Parish Priest

Bourcet Music Studio