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Our names are Rita Francis and Therese Martin, but we were born Twin A and Twin B "Bourcet". As kids we loved music – local talent shows, school bands, school operettas, church choirs, singing at special occasions. We started formal piano lessons when we were eight years old – a birthday gift!

We have Bachelor degrees from the University of British Columbia (BHE and BSAg) and hold Professional Certificates of Qualification from the BC College of Teachers. While following husbands (both foresters) around northern BC, we stayed home to raise our children. When people found that we played piano, the next question was – "Can you teach my child to play?" Thus started a career that has taken many turns but always seems to return to music.

We have both completed Grade 9 with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and are currently working on Grade 10. Lessons are taught from our homes, beginners to RCM Level 8. We each have over 15 years of teaching experience.

Bourcet Music Teachers as children
Bourcet Piano Teachers as youngsters
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